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Rich Smoked Salmon Salad Recipe

With a simple smoked salmon salad recipe, you can easily prepare a healthy delicacy. There’s no too much time to waste once you have the recommended ingredients. You can easily follow the given directions to get the dish prepared.

The smoked salmon salad can be prepared with pizza. You can also use potato or egg to get it set. You can use your favorite dressings and flavors to make the dish sumptuous. Here’s a simple guideline to follow:


Prep Time:  15 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minute

Yield: 4 servings



1 bunch mixed salad green

250 g smoked salmon, sliced

1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar

1 small cucumber, sliced

60 ml olive oil for dressing

30 g chopped capers for dressing

1 lemon juice for dressing

Salt and black pepper to taste



·       The smoked salmon can be of any quality brand. You can use the Norwegian brand. 

·       You have to grind the black pepper before usage

·       The amount of ingredients increases or decreases based on the number of serving targeted.



1.    Gently combine all the dressing ingredients and season them with pepper and salt.

2.    Place a small amount of the mixed salad green leaves in the center of the plate.

3.    Arrange the cucumber slices alongside salmon on top of the lettuce bed. You can make them look well lined.

4.    Spoon the dressing and the vinegar all over the dish

5.    Start serving immediately. 


Nutritional Facts per 1 serving


Fat----------------------------------------15 g

Saturated Fat-----------------------------2 g

Cholesterol -------------------------------14 g

Sodium------------------------------------715 mg

Carbohydrate------------------------------4 g

Dietary Fiber-------------------------------0.6 g

Sugars--------------------------------------2 g

Protein--------------------------------------12 g


From the above description, you can see the richness of the smoked salmon salad recipe. You don’t need to cook anything. You simple prepare the dish with the recommended ingredients. You can take the delicacy as dessert during lunch or dinner.

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