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How to Safely Handle

Raw Chicken

It is very important for you to know how to handle raw chicken before you start preparing any healthy chicken recipe.

How safely you handle the chicken you want to use in making your meal will greatly determine how healthy the chicken meal is.

So, we’ll give you guidelines and advice below, on how to handle chicken safely.

Follow the guidelines and advice, and you’ll not only cook delicious chicken meals but will truly eat healthy ones.

Choose Top Quality Chicken

• Endeavor to buy fresh organic chicken.

• Make sure the chicken does not have a foul odor.

• The chicken’s meat should be soft.

• Check the color of the chicken to ensure it has the right color. The color should not be grey or pale looking.

• Choose cool packages and make sure they are not torn or punctured. Make sure the labels are not

• Do not buy unrefrigerated chicken. And after buying a refrigerated one, make sure you refrigerate it immediately you get home (unless yo u want to cook it right away).

• Let chicken be the last thing you buy before going to check out at the register.

• Do not keep your raw chicken with other items. This will help prevent its being contaminated or it contaminating other foods. Put the chicken in plastic bags to make sure its juices do not drip on other food items.

• After grocery shopping, if you are going to spend an hour or more before getting home, then put your raw chicken in an ice chest. Do not put the chest in the trunk if the weather is warm.

• The best is to take chicken straight home and refrigerate it.

Check the Date on the Package

Many manufacturers and stores write the date which is best for you to use the

chicken by. Government regulations in the United States do not however require them to date the packages.

If you see on a chicken package, a statement that says “use by” so and so date, it is best for you to use the chicken before the date expires. Doing so will maintain its freshness and quality.

If you will not be using the chicken before the expiration date, then freeze it.

The chicken will still be good for consumption after a long time, but not later than 1 year for whole chicken and 9 months for chicken parts in their frozen states.

When you buy chicken for your healthy chicken recipes, put the ones you want to use immediately in the refrigerator (not freezer), and use them a day or two after purchase. Put the rest in the freezer.

Pre-stuffed Poultry

We do not advise that you buy pre-stuffed chicken. This is because the items stuffed in the chicken may be highly perishable.

But if you have to buy such chicken, it is best and safest to cook it thoroughly in the oven.

Check the internal temperatures of the chicken and the items stuffed in it, and make sure they are cooked to an internal minimum temperature of 165 oF (74 oF).

How to Store Your Chicken

Storing Your Chicken in the Refrigerator

• You should store the raw fresh chicken for maximum of two days in the coldest section of the refrigerator. Make sure that it is in its original package.

• DO NOT leave chicken in the trunk of a car if it is not in an ice chest.

• DO NOT leave chicken in a hot car.

• DO NOT leave chicken on the kitchen cabinet.

You must put your chicken in the refrigerator or freezer immediately you

•    bring it home. Keep it so until you’re prepared to cook it.

•    Do not store your raw chicken in the same place with your cooked food. This is to avoid raw juices from the chicken dripping on other foods.

How to Freeze Your Chicken

•    If you are not planning to use your raw chicken in two days after buying it, then freeze it.

• Use heavy-duty aluminum foil to wrap the chicken or zipper freezer bags. You may also use plastic wraps. This will help avoid freezer burn and keep oxygen out. Make sure you press air out of the bag before freezing the chicken.

• Wrap chicken parts in portions just enough to thaw for one meal, then label the portions.

Before you start preparing your healthy chicken recipe, we suggest that you click here to read about how to prepare and cook your raw chicken.

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