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Palatable Mango Salad Recipe

Mango salad recipe can help you prepare a sumptuous delicacy. You don’t need to spend so much time since it takes little or no time to get the dish prepared. You simply need to use the recommended ingredients and then follow the simple preparation instruction.

Mango salad can be very nutritious when carefully prepared. It’s often taken alongside with Thai and Indonesian dishes. You can use a variety of dressings to get the delicacy prepared. You can also use your favorite flavors. Given below is a simple guideline to follow:


Prep Time:  10 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minute

Yield: 4 servings



2 ripe mangoes

½ red pepper, finely sliced

¼ red onion, sliced

1 lime juice

Fresh cilantro

Lime zest (optional)




·       The amount of ingredients increases or decreases depending on the number of serving targeted.



1.    Cut the mangoes in slices of halves.

2.    Turn the mango halves inside out and then slice off the cubes

3.    Toss with all other ingredients.

4.    Serve with a quality dish. You can serve with Indonesian or Thai dishes. You can also serve with any other dish type.


Nutritional Facts per 1 serving



Saturated Fat------------------------------0.1


Sodium------------------------------------2.7 mg

Carbohydrate------------------------------28 g

Dietary Fiber------------------------------3 g

Sugars-------------------------------------24 g

Protein-------------------------------------1.6 g


From the above, you can see how simple and quick the recipe is. You don’t need to spend time cooking it. Once you have the recommended ingredients, you’re set to go. You can easily follow the directions given above to get the delicacy prepared.

In all, the mango salad recipe is highly recommended to everyone who wants to eat healthy. You can enjoy the delicacy with chicken, strawberry and other fruits. You can combine it with a healthy dish. You can take it as dessert after your lunch or dinner.


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