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Healthy Eating Pyramid

A healthy eating pyramid is a graphic which  shows what a healthy diet should be.

If you follow what a good pyramid for healthy eating recommends, you would be able to live a healthy life.

There are food groups that are positioned on various locations on such healthy food pyramids.

Healthier food groups are located where they can easily be seen than food groups that are less healthy.

There are many healthy eating pyramids also. They include those that are for specific people and for special diets.

Healthy Eating Pyramids - How They Started

The United States of America Department of Agriculture was the first to introduce a pyramid for healthy eating, and that was in 1992.

In producing the pyramid, the officers of the department made sure the pyramid represents all the diets.

They made grains, fruits and vegetables to have their groups and to stand out as being more important than other diets.

"MyPyramid", was released in 2005, and the next update came out in 2010 as healthy eating guidelines for Americans.

Healthy Eating Pyramid

Features of Pyramids For Eating Healthy

Every pyramid for healthy eating has its own distinctive groupings for food groups, but most of them give advice which is basically the same. This is the advice…

  • Let your main diet be based on whole grains, fruit and vegetables.
  • Regularly take dairy foods and protein.
  • Reduce intake of trans fats and saturated fats.
  • Minimize consumption of sweets. 

Some pyramids such as Mediterranean Diet Pyramid point out clearly that some sources of protein are better than others.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid places red meat right at the pyramid's tip. It however places fish, poultry, beans, nuts and legumes at better positions towards the base of the pyramid.

Harvard School of Public Health locates refined grains right at the top of most part of its pyramid. It places refined grains in the same location as red meat, sweets and butter.

It can be observed that the recommendation of good majority of food pyramids is the consumption of whole grains in preference to refined grains.

Though physical exercise is no food, many pyramids mention physical exercise as part of their healthy pyramid for eating.

Types of Healthy Eating Pyramids

1. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Healthy Food Pyramid is the food pyramid that was first created. It was created in 1992.

2. Harvard School of Public Health's Pyramid for Eating Healthy

3. Diabetes Food Pyramid

4. Food Guide Pyramid for People who are over 70 years

5. Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid 

Healthy Eating Pyramid - Harvard Pyramide

6. Vegetarian Food Pyramids

7. Food Pyramids for Latin Americans

8. Food Pyramids for Asians

9. Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

10. USDA My Pyramids for Pregnant women

11. USDA My Pyramids for Kids

12. USDA My Pyramids for Breastfeeding women

Important Facts You Should Know

  • Healthy eating pyramids help you to know the type and quantity of food you are to eat daily from every food group. But don't be too much disturbed if you do not meet the daily recommendations.

  • You may meet the goals sometimes and fail at other times, but don't give up. If you keep on trying with patience, you will eventually meet the daily targets.
  • Food pyramids don't take care of what everyone eats.

Food pyramids are also not designed to take care of everyone's diet.

My Pyramid food pyramid created by USDA covers foods that Americans are familiar with.

But if you are not an American, you may choose foods that are common to where you come from.

So you may create your own ethnic pyramid for healthy eating.

Healthy Eating Pyramid - My Pyramid

Final Advice

Make sure you read the information any healthy eating pyramid gives.

Watch out for information concerning the serving sizes and the number of servings of the foods you want to eat.

This is very important if you want to loose weight or if you have a health situation that requires you to stick to specific sizes and number of servings.

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