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Eating Healthy Quizzes and Lessons – Learn From Them and Become Healthier

Eating healthy quizzes and the lessons they teach are for those entering into healthy eating world for the first time.

They are also for others who are already in it, but want to find out what they really know about healthy foods and healthy eating.

Many websites offer quizzes and lessons about healthy eating. The quizzes  are a lot of fun for you and your kids while at the same time helping the family to learn how to eat healthy.

The first category of quizzes and lessons on healthy eating are two types of calculators that can help make your healthy eating journey easier..

These are the calculators:

1. 10-year Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator – This risk assessment tool uses information fed into it to predict someone's chances of having heart attack in the next ten years.

In order to use this calculator, your age should be at least 20 years.

Click Here to access the calculator.

2. Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator - The second calculator is used for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI). This calculator measures body fat based on height and weight. It determines Overweight, Normal weight, and Underweight.

You can find the very simple and easy to use version of BMI calculator on this site.

Healthy Eating Quizzes - About Carbohydrates and Diabetes
We shall now talk about eating healthy quizzes and various questions and answers about healthy diets.

Carbohydrates quiz – This quiz tool will teach you a lot about carbohydrates, their uses, and foods that contain them.

Healthy Eating Quizzes – Learn and Create Your Own Quizzes About Diabetes

The next eating healthy quiz tool will teach you about nutrition and rich information about diabetes. The tool shows the reaction of your organs when you're eating carbs and sugar. Here is the link to the quiz and lesson tool.

Healthy Eating Quizzes – Information About Human Digestive System -

This page contains good information about human digestive system and nutrients that the system digests. Check it our here.

Healthy Eating Quizzes – Portion Sizes Interactive Quizzes

We have two quizzes on portion sizes. They were created by National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.

The quizzes consist of interesting questions and answers which provide you with information of how much calories you are actually taking.

Here is the link to the first quiz and click here for the second.

Healthy Eating Quizzes –  Cholesterol & Cholesterol Levels

Next of the eating healthy quizzes will help you find out the meaning of Cholesterol Levels, and at what cholesterol level your heart could be in danger.

Take this very serious and click here to visit the site which is loaded with information about cholesterol levels.

Eating Healthy Quizzes – Using the Nutrition Information on Food Labels
The next site I will introduce you to is also interesting and highly informative. It concerns vital information about how to use nutrition labels to quickly choose foods that will enhance your health. The information is from US Food and drug Administration (FDA).

More on eating healthy quizzes? Yes.

I would like to share with you a couple of  Interactive Menu Planners that can help you track and record your healthy eating and diet program, including the progress you are making.

The first is a menu planner that suggests meals that are based on your daily calorie plan. This planner is easy to use and it has various choices and options you can play with.

The second is a site that tells you how to plan your food and meal choices based on Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It was developed by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Finally, why not try this additional healthy eating quiz at Ladies' Home Journal and another one at Go To Quiz.

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