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Eating Healthy in College – 7 Easy

Tips to Follow

Eating healthy in college is not very common. Students are usually under stress and hardly have time to eat foods that will help keep them healthy.

Though the students don't have much time to spare, they should however, endeavor to apply the principles of healthy eating to their lives.

Healthy eating is important for their strength, brain and overall productivity.

Here are 7 easy to follow eating healthy in college tips that will help you as a college student:

  • College Cafeteria Foods - Avoid college cafeteria foods as much as you possibly can. These include foods such as fried foods, donuts, chips and cookies. They are not only bad for you, but are able to make you gain unhealthy weight.

    Though you are very busy as a college student and may be tempted to indulge in consumption of these unhealthy foods, I advise you to seek and eat healthier alternatives. These include, healthy sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and nuts. 

  • Late Night Eating - Eating late at night is definitely not a healthy eating habit. Many students have developed the bad habit of eating at early hours of the morning – between say, 1am  and 3am.

    Adding to the fact that they eat late, the food they have are unhealthy foods like pizzas, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and similar foods.

    These foods increase your body weight and are nothing to write home about when it comes to their giving you the nutrients you need to stay healthy and drive towards your academic goal. 
  • What Snacks do You Store in Your Room? - If they are junk snacks such as cookies, chips and candy bars and similar unhealthy snacks, then get rid of them.

    Replace them with healthy snacks such as fresh vegetables and fruits (if possible, let the vegetables and fruits be organically grown ones). 
  • Alcohol - Alcohol is not a friend of eating healthy in college. So its consumption is not encouraged.

    But if for any reason you can't help drinking alcohol, then be very moderate in its consumption. Indulgence in drinking alcohol negatively affects all your organs.

    The best habit in this regard is for you to drink plenty of clean water, and if you like, you may also have non-sugary drinks. These will keep you hydrated.
Eating Healthy in College - Veggies
  • Add these to your groceries - To your groceries of vegetables and fruits, I advise you add whole grains, fish and poultry.

    They, including vegetables and fruits, are important to health, and they are good sources of fiber, protein and vitamins.

    Note: To know about these foods and how to get them, you may consult a nutritionist or click here to read an article on Healthy Eating Pyramid. This article will help you know foods that are healthy for you to eat and those you should be cautious of.

  • If possible, cook your own meals - This may not be easy for you as a student. But if you have the facilities, the time and the opportunity, then cook your meals. If not all your meals, then cook some of them by yourself.

    Eating nutritious meals is very important for you as a college student. Your body, especially your brain, has to be well fed with the nutrients it needs for you to study efficiently.

    Lack of nutritious food will make you feel weak and you will not be able to concentrate on your studies as you should.

    Eating healthy in college will help you to be better organized and more productive. You will therefore find it easier to finish what you need to do daily and have some free time.

    So, what should you do with your free time? Exercise your body and rest.
  • Exercise - Use your free time to exercise your body. Have adequate rest.

    Exercise is vital to your being healthy, and if you have weight problems, it will help you lose weight quickly.

    If you exercise and eat healthy you will feel great.

    Have you considered going to your college gym? Get there often. You will find people who will encourage you to exercise your body and be fit. Being fit will help you increase your self-confidence thereby contributing in no small way to your academic success.

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