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Easy Potato Salad Recipe

It’s very simple to follow an easy potato salad recipe. The ingredients required are very easy to come by. The cooking process takes little or no time. You simply need to prepare the delicacy within few minutes.

Simply put, the recipe is quick. The potato salad is always rich, tasty and nutritious. It can be prepared with a variety of dressings and flavors. It can be taken as a quick breakfast. It also goes along with a variety of dishes. Here’s a detailed guideline to use:


Prep Time:  5 minutes + chilling

Cook Time: 6 minute

Yield: 1-3 servings



½ cup mayonnaise

3 medium potatoes

2 tablespoon mild paprika

1 diced baby dill pickle

½ bunches chopped green onion

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

2 teaspoons garlic powder

2 sliced eggs (hard-boiled)

1 tablespoon pickle juice (optional)



·       The amount of ingredients increases or decreases depending on the number of servings targeted.




1.    Slice the potatoes cutting off the blemishes and the eyes. You can also skim them if you desire.

2.    Wash the potatoes and place them in a microwave while still wet

3.    Put on the microwave on medium high and allow the potatoes to simmer for 3 minutes.

4.    Chop the green onions and pickle.

5.    Crack the eggs if  you want

6.    Combine onions, pickle, eggs, mayonnaise and other spices in a medium sized bowl.

7.    Allow the potatoes to cool for 5 minutes in the microwave. You can insert a knife or fork in each potato to check whether they are done or not.

8.    Once the potatoes are done, place them in a bowl of cold water and allow to cool for some minutes

9.    Remove the potatoes and cut them into pieces, then mix them with the sauce you’ve prepared with other ingredients.

10.Start serving.


Nutritional Facts per 1 serving


Fat----------------------------------------41 g

Saturated Fat-----------------------------6 g

Cholesterol-------------------------------30 mg

Sodium-----------------------------------879 mg

Carbohydrate-----------------------------117 g

Dietary Fiber------------------------------14 g

Sugars-------------------------------------13 g

Protein-------------------------------------13 g


From the details above, you can see the richness of the easy potato salad recipeYou've got to follow it to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.



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